CLD Subjects

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Children & Youth

Leos service projects and activities for underserved children to make a difference in their lives.

Community Outreach

Assess community needs and organize community service projects, as well as service activities on the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community.

Environmental Services

Participate in environmental projects to learn the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. Become an environmentally –conscious Leos.

Health Services

Leos service projects that have an impact on health. Participate in community health programs and activities.

Sight & Hearing Conversation

Empowering Leos on healthy vision and hearing preservation. Identify people with sight & hearing problems and address the issues before they become serious.

About CLD

A well structured Research and Development of Leo Education Program Centre
An educational programme for the Leos in District 308 B2.

THE CONTINUOUS LEO DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME was established at the 2nd District B2 Lions Convention on 29/4/2000. It provides comprehensive training facilities to improve the Leo education and knowledge and thus, be a highly disciplined, well organized and effective body in their activities with a deep sense of commitments towards our Leo Programme. THE CLD RECORDS CENTRE is an educational warehouse, ready for use by the Lions and Leos in our District 308 B2. The Centre also has comprehensive materials to train 1) Leo Key Officers, 2) Leo Advisors and 3) Faculty Advisors. The Centre keeps a proper records of Leo activities and CLD Leo participants.A CLD WORKING COMMITTEE continuously look into the materials, updates and control of the syllabus for the Leo education programme. The Committee trains and appoints CLD Speakers to conduct lectures for the participants. THE IMPLEMENTATION of this programme is carried out by the District Chairperson for Leo Clubs Development.


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  • Dedication of CLD Working Committees

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  • Involvement of Leo Advisors

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The Working Committees

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Past Council Chairperson, Allan Cheah

Continuous Leo Development (CLD) Program Board Chairman
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Lion Tony Cheong

Continuous Leo Development (CLD) Program Working Committee Chairperson
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District Chairperson, Cecilia Loke

Implementation & District Chairperson for Leo Clubs (Team Leader)
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Lion May Cheah

Education and Enrichment
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Lion Mark Damien Labrooy

CLD Speaker
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Lion Joyline Chai

Working Committee Secretary, Website & Communication
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Lion Erica Ooi

Award & Recognition
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District Chairperson William Lim

Education & Enrichment Committees
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District Chairperson Eliza Chia

Education & Enrichment Committee
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Zone Chairperson Kenneth Yeoh

Education & Enrichment Committee
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Leo Goh Sze Wei

Website & Communication Committee
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Leo Tan Sin Wei

Award & Recognition Committee

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